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What we offer!

Take  world-class cooking courses in the heart of Rhode Island! Travel the  culinary world from the comfort of our kitchens with our endless  selection of hands-on cooking classes taught by Master Chef Walter  Potenza. Choose from cooking classes that range in focus and discipline,  like 'cooking for couple's or 'culinary essentials'. From the perfect  regional Italian cookery, to farmer's market favorites and cooking  comfort food classics from Europe and the Mediterranean basin, you'll  find flavor and fun at Chef Walters Cooking School. Enjoy the freshest  of ingredients in the same state-of-the-art kitchens used by the pros,  taught by the pros - and never leave hungry for more! The CWCS is home  to the largest program of hands-on recreational cooking classes, baking  classes and wine classes in Rhode Island. Our participants can choose from a  deep variety of classes, learning techniques, skills and experiencing  flavors from every corner of the Mediterranean culinary world. Our  recreational cooking classes are offered day and night and will have you  cooking almost like a professional in no time. Whatever skill,  technique or cuisine you want to learn, 

Chef Walters Cooking School has  the perfect cooking classes for you. 

Begin your culinary adventure! Interested in turning your hobby  into a culinary career?  Choose classes below, we keep uploading new topics regularly.

Creative Cooking made simple

Since 1995 Chef Walters Cooking School has  been identified as the leaders in the Recreational Cooking Business.  After owning and operating restaurants since the mid-80s, we felt  compelled to share the acquired knowledge through cooking classes, and  culinary education and hopefully inspire our participants to cook  healthier, simpler, while developing fun culinary logic...the essential  ingredient. 

Also offered are all-kinds of cooking events, from Family gatherings, Team Building for corporate, Fund-raising events, Bridal showers, In-your-home cooking class...and much more!    HERE