Family Business since 1985

286 Atwells Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island 02903, United States

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Since 1985 committed to uncompromising quality, in the specialty foods, 

educational services and hospitality business 


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Our products are a reflection of who we are and the fine businesses we operate since 1985. Our research & development team seek the finest and most authentic ingredients, while following the most stringent and innovative technical practices. We owe it to our professionalism and to you and your families!

Federal Hill Sunday Gravy

Our Story

In 1972 I arrived in New York as a young man with energy and ambition, seeking the same future for my family as my grandparents gave us. I decided long ago that I  would not compromise quality and to this day that motto has remained the cornerstone of my philosophy! Grazie Chef Walter Potenza

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Our Mission

Our main objective is to be able to share with you the values of our work and the tastes we experience daily in our kitchens. Our products have been on our tables since the 80s, and they are now available for yours! La famiglia Potenza

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