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Lasagna with butternut squash, tomato and marjoram

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About Us


Our Products

Our products are a reflection of who we are and the fine businesses we operate since 1985. Our research & development team seek the finest and most authentic ingredients, while following the most stringent and innovative technical practices. We owe it to our professionalism and to you and your families!


Our Story

In 1972 I arrived in New York as a young man with energy and ambition, seeking the same future for my family as my grandparents gave us. I decided long ago that I  would not compromise quality and to this day that motto has remained the cornerstone of my philosophy! Grazie Chef Walter Potenza


Our Mission

Our main objective is to be able to share with you the values of our work and the tastes we experience daily in our kitchens. Our products have been on our tables since the 80s, and they are now available for yours! La famiglia Potenza

Trends Consultants Group

Consultation and training programs for the grocery industry.

Supermarkets and Grocery Services

Our grocery consulting firm is staffed by professional chefs / supermarket experts who have vast industry leadership experience.  

We  believe that the grocery industry today more than ever is connected to a  variety of ingredients such as value, community engagement,  local-purchased philosophy, health & wellness, social media and  more. But fundamentally the most important ingredient is "KNOWLEDGE".  Large chains offer training programs for their employees, but often the  knowledge notions is delivered by members of the same trade and not in  true contact with the food itself. Consumer trends begins in  restaurants, by chefs, eventually products are created and enter the  marketplace. Today's consumer wants the true explanation of a product  along with usage, storage, application to recipes, historical and  geographical elements and anything pertinent to the clarity of the  product such as label explanation and breakdown. Trend Grocery  Consulting offer training services, provided by chefs with first-hand  experience and knowledge of the products. We specialize in ingredients  from the Mediterranean basin, from olive oil, balsamic, couscous, pasta,  legumes, seafood, meat protein, plant based protein and much more. We  see ourselves as coaches partnering with you for the development of a  professional program that allows your business to run more effectively,  more profitable and eventually without us. Connect with us for more  details, consultation is free.


Rice,  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar, Pasta, Couscous, Flour,  Sweets, Confection, Tomato Sauces, Pesto Sauces, Diabetes Products,  Celiac Products, Health & Wellness, Mediterranean Ingredients,  Spices, Spreads, Chocolate, and much more!

Training by Chefs who follow trends

We believe that knowledge is the most powerful tool in today's market. Our training programs prepare your staff and mangers to maintain a leadership in trends, boost the bottom line and grow the entity. Consultation is free and no obligations. For details call 401.480.4963



Flavors + Knowledge is a bilingual podcast covering themes and issues related to food, wine, history, culture and nutrition. We will share with you valuable information on recipes, techniques and food science, with the ultimate objective to select better, eat better and live a healthy and rewarding life through food first!

Your host Chef Walter Potenza

Podcasts in English + Italian


Flavors + Knowledge Cooking Show

Show Information

Flavors & Knowledge Cooking Show started in the 80s with Chef Walter Potenza and Steve Cascione a nationally distinguished TV personality. The focus of the show is to share true and unique cooking education related to the Italian gastronomy. Each segment focuses on a specific region and territory showcasing the most emblematic foods and wines. The show is currently enjoying the highest ratings in the region and promises to deliver the knowledge for everyone to enjoy with approachable recipes, tips, ideas and fun time. Chef Walter is a Food Network winner and on TV for nearly 40 years. Steve Cascione is a national meteorologist and on TV for decades. He share passion for food and great living philosophy. 

CW Network Rhode Island

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 8 AM ET

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